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Principal: Jerome Matthews 

Jerome was called to The Bar at Lincoln’s Inn, London in 1980 followed by The Bar of The Supreme Court of Hong Kong in 1983 and The Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia in 1986.


In 1992 he successfully completed a Post Graduate Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution The course encompassed international trade negotiations, International Mediations and International Commercial Arbitration.


As well as practicing in many areas of law Jerome has also practised as an Arbitrator and Mediator particularly in SE Asia.  He became an Accredited Mediator in Australia in 2021.


Jerome has been appointed as Arbitrator and Mediator in a number of international jurisdictions and has arbitrated and mediated in commercial, financial and other business related matters.


He has also been a guest lecturer in mediation coaching and arbitration classes on arbitration and the conflict of laws.


He is now based in Queensland, Australia.


Jerome does not work in the areas of matrimonial or other family related disputes.

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Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators 


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Nationally Accredited Mediator

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Acting as your consultant to advise and assist you in planning how you may best address any dispute which arises in the course of your business. This includes:

  • strategies to adopt in the course of any dispute;

  • assisting in the drafting of any alternative dispute resolution clause;

  • advising and assisting you in relation to all aspects of any commercial mediation in which you may be or become involved;

  • advising and assisting you in relation to all aspects of any commercial arbitration in which you may be or become involved.

  • It has been said that the best way to resolve disputes is to think about them before they arise.

  • An ADR consultant is not allowed to advise on matters of law; this is an area exclusive to practising lawyers.

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Acting as an independent mediator to assist in resolving your disputes by facilitating your negotiations.

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Acting as an independent arbitrator to arbitrate your disputes and arrive at a decision.